ICE LIPO / Cool sculpting works brilliantly on tummy, love handles, arms, male chest (Moobs), back bra fat, thighs and bum lifts.

  • 4 areas (cups) can be done in your lunch break – 1 hour

  • Ice Lipo carries on working for 5/6 weeks, however you can start seeing results within the first week.

  • Available in comfort and privacy of a home clinic in Plymouth, with parking.

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Super Sculpt works by contracting and tightening muscles to both burn fat and sculpt. This treatment can help you improve muscle definition and is ideal for addressing that stubborn fat that just won’t
go away.

• Painlessly and effectively causes muscles to contract 20,000 times in 30 minutes!

•Medical research shows that after a course of treatment (4 treatments in 2 weeks), it can effectively increase muscle by 16% and reduce fat by 19%.
• Used for toning, firming, and strengthening the muscles all over the body, and can achieve the
perfect Abs, biceps, bum lift and help mend Diastasis Recti - abdomen muscle separation.
• Super Sculpt differs to fat removal procedures around today, as the technology actually tones or builds muscles as well as provides inch loss.
• Builds muscle tissue just like exercising but to a much greater extent, without muscle fatigue.

Rehabiltates weakened pelvic muscles to give back urinany control, and get undisturbed sleep again.

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The Next Generation of Non surgical Facelift
No Pain No Downtime


Rejuvenate your neck and face with
HI FU COOL in Plymouth

* Turn back the clock and look younger and firmer without the pain of surgery.
* Amazing Face and Neck lifts
* Rejuvenate and lift sagging skin on neck
* Double chin reduction.
* Take off years by tightening jowls.
* Non-surgical brow lift.
* Tighten and lift skin on upper eyelids.
* Reduce crow’s feet and smile lines
* No Downtime and Long lasting effects

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