Forget Liposuction!
Ice Lipo
is the perfect way to get rid of fat

* No downtime
* Non invasive
You can drop a jean size
with a 1 hour treatment*
ICE LIPO / Cool sculpting works brilliantly on tummy, love handles, arms, male chest (Moobs), back bra fat, thighs and bum lifts.
  • 4 areas (cups) can be done in your lunch break – 1 hour
  • Ice Lipo carries on working for 5/6 weeks, but you can start seeing results after 1 week.
  • Available in comfort and privacy of a home clinic in Plymouth, with lots of parking.

*Treatment takes 1 hour - Best results after 5/6 weeks.

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The Next Generation of Non surgical Facelift
No Pain No Downtime


Rejuvenate your neck and face with
HI FU COOL in Plymouth

* Turn back the clock and look younger and firmer without the pain of surgery.
* Counteract the effects of aging with the treatment everyone has been waiting for.
* Amazing Face and Neck lifts
* Rejuvenate and lift sagging skin on neck
* Double chin reduction.
* Take off years by tightening jowls.
* Non-surgical brow lift.
* Tighten and lift skin on upper eyelids.
* Reduce crow’s feet and smile lines
* No Downtime and Long lasting effects

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We are here to help you get rid of unwanted fat safely and pain-free.
In privacy of private address in Plymouth we offer, Ice Lipo, Hi Fu cool, Lazer Lipo,
cellulite removal on a 1 on 1 basis.
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